About Us

About Us
Hello friends! About us? Most can easily describe us as dreamers. Dreamers who are united by a common goal: make you smile. Smile at work, smile with colleagues and friends you meet at our events and so we want you to remember us. Remember each and every one of the emotions that we have had together in Event Bulgaria with the organization of Team Building events, adventure or simply an incredible event and fun!
Why Us?
Because in Event Bulgaria you can count on:
Services of high quality and professionalism.
Maximum care and with a very pleasant atmosphere.
Safety and reliability.
We are sure that we can provide the highest level of service and our team knows how we can carry with unforgettable experiences and memories.

And not only offer our customers the highest quality of service and adventure, in addition to the right price.

Customer service!

Our company prides itself on its level of concern for its clients' commitment, since each one's needs are different, so our qualified staff always offers a wonderful customer support to build their future event.