Event Bulgaria Life

10 Feb 2016

Event Bulgaria Start

All was born with one idea between Leonardo and Mitko. Bring alternative and innovative events and services in Bulgaria.

10 Feb 2016

5 Jun 2016

Event Bulgaria in Internet

Event Bulgaria launch the Website and Internet Social media.
Offering Events of Archery and Fireguns
Google +

25 Jun 2016

1st Event

Our first event. Shooting Tournament
In cooperation with 360° Shooting Range of Plovdiv.

25 Jun 2016

22 Sep 2016

Opening our 1st Archery Range

Oppening the first archery shooting range in "Lauta Park" in Plovdiv

10 Oct 2016

Team Building Events

We add Team Building events of Archery and Shooting

10 Oct 2016

26 Oct 2016

1st Team Building Event

Our first Team Building Event of archery in Baustoff + Metal

2 Nov 2016

Training Services

Event Bulgaria adding services of:
Archery Training with Kostadin Dimitrov
Pistol Training with Krasimir Panchev

2 Nov 2016

16 Nov 2016

Receiving recognition and reference

After a few months of work in Lauta Park we receiving recognition and reference from the Mayor of the Trakia Region Kostadin Dimitrov

18 Nov 2016

Adding Staff and Events

Our staff start to grow!!
With Joro Filipov like Survival Consultant, and also adding Survival Events
And with Margarita Atansova like a medical assitence in our events we offer a security all the time.

18 Nov 2016

20 Nov 2016

Time for the KIDS!!

After the new additions in our staff and the constant request for evnts and services for kids, we are happy to present our events developed only for kids

1 Dec 2016

1st Indoor Archery range

We presentate our fisrt Indoor Range for Archery.
We teach Adults and Kids.

1 Dec 2016

05 Feb 2017

Time to Flyball!!!

Flyball come to Event Bulgaria to give to our customers new choices!!
We are the first Agency in Bulgaria with Flyball!!! The rest only copy us!

11 Feb 2017

Presentation of Flyball

11th and 12th of Feb we presentate Flyball to Bulgaria. 
We shown it in the bigger Shopping Center of Plovdiv Mall Markovo Tepe

11 Feb 2017

22 Feb 2017


Still adding services!! 
Now we add private parties.
Night parties
And private parties

23 April 2017

Archery War®!!

Presenting Archery War® in Bulgaria. The fisrt European Brand of the Archery Tag Game!

23 April 2017