Our Staff

Members within a company are one of the most important factors, ensuring that you get more than what you expect, and our members are formed by professionals with extensive experience who are responsible for organizing and managing the various events and activities , both in the company and in the "terrain".

Meet our great team who will always be ready to help you!

Leonardo Kucharski

C.E.O., Director of Marketing and General Manager

Leonardo with twenty years of experience organizing events across different countries has acquired a multicultural experience in different sectors. Today, he betting on everything in his new agency, Event Bulgaria, offering highly professional and qualified events and services, as his high knowledge of Marketing and advertising implemented from his agency Lion Creative, guarantee Event Bulgaria unique and alternative events!

Dimitar Atanosov

C.E.O. - Sales Director and Archery Trainer

Dimitar likes adrenaline in all its forms. Adventurer from the depths of his soul and a merchant by vocation, he knows how to combine his hobbies with the activities of the companies in which he participates. Unequivocal your vision for business and great ability to properly evaluate people. Enjoying in each moment its daily activities and the communication with the clients, it has accumulated a vast experience in the commercial sector as in the passion to train Archery, which contributes an absolute guarantee that our events will be prepared to be emotionally like Professionally. The absolute reward for Dimitar for the excellent work done is to see the smiles of satisfaction and fun of our customers.
Mitko, for those who know him, with the unconditional support of his current partners, strive with determination and firmness to launch their joint activity, Event Bulgaria.

Milko Dimitrov

Chief Financial and Human Resources Officer

Milko holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Master's Degree in Accounting and Control from the University of Plovdiv.
He has extensive professional accounting experience.
With his tenacity and perseverance, he began his own career in business, created his own Accounting Agency, and then his Real Estate Agency.
Always looking for new opportunities, he became one of the founders of the online store Outdooractivebg.com for sports articles and archery items.
Nowadays it bets on Event Bulgaria as a leading business, applying all its knowledge and experience to offer transparency and security to our customers.

Mariana Nestorova

Editorial Director and creative activities

Mariana brings to Event Bulgaria unprecedented creativity combined with excellence in all aspects of the activities being organized. Retailer and critic, it gives a realistic evaluation of the results, pursuing and reaching the highest levels. Wonderful interlocutor with a wide experience in life, done will surely become her friend when breaking the ice, thanks to its communication our customers always feel part of our team in every moment.

Krasimir Panchev

Instructor and professional trainer of Shooting fireguns.

Sergeant of the Reserve Brigade "Special Forces" of the Bulgarian Army. Participate as personal security missions in Iraq and Afghanistan part of BA. Since 2008 he is working as a private contractor for American and British security companies in the “hottest” places in the world (Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon etc.). He participated repeatedly in real warfare and has broad combat experience. He worked as a personal security in Switzerland.

Qualified as a field paramedic with real experience in the treatment of gunshot wounds. Guest lecturer at the Professional College of Security "St. George". Specialist work with pistols and rifles.


Kostadin Dimitrov

Archery Trainer

Kostadin has practiced archery since year 1998. Originally started his athletic career as a recurve bow competitor, but an old injury directed him to the compound bow. He is the first athlete in Bulgaria with this kind of sport weapon. At the year 2000 participates for first time as a competitor in the category COMPOUND, and he was the only one with this kind of bow on the shooting line at that year.

In 2004, Kostadin attempts to create an horseback archery club, and he was the first Bulgarian guest with Raycho Gunchev of great Hungarian master of this martial art Lajos Kasai. High prices in the equestrian centers in Plovdiv at that time did not allow this sport to become mass. At 2005 he was co-founded of the Archery Army Club - Attila Plovdiv. He won with honors three grade coaching courses, organized by the European Federation of archery EMAU, and since then except as a competitor he is and a archery coach in the Atilla club. In 2006 he became indoor National Champion, and in 2007 was National Champion in the open. In the same year he is a co-founder of the Bowhunting club in Bulgaria and participated in its activities. He began to compete in the discipline 3D, where he won several prize places. Until 2011, trains several competitor, which are among the best in the country - Dimitar Miloushev and George Vladev. The first one was a multiple champion in the cadets and after in the youth. George Vladev reaches International competitions. In 2011 puts several national records for cadets. He took part in European tournaments in Armenia, Croatia, Denmark and others countries. At the World Championships in Poland at 2011 he took 17th place in individual, while in the mixed team with cadets he was fourth in the world. Throughout the whole period of his coaching activity Kostadin refine his skills and learnt from the experience of the best Korean coaches. Since 2015 he began to create rules and a system for shooting with great ancient Bulgarian bow. His dream is to restore the old Bulgarian traditions in the martial arts and archery - The Way of the bow and arrow. He sincerely believes that this will happen, and more and more Bulgarian children and older people will be involved and will practice this Bulgarian martial art.


Joro Filipov

Survival Consultant

Joro has years of experience in activities requiring residence and survival in extreme environments. Thanks to which he has a lot of knowledge and skills that will gladly share with you.


Margarita Atanasova

Medical assistance

is a nurse with over of 30 years experience in the healthcare field. She completed her education in 1976 from MU Plovdiv profile "Profile - nurse." She has participated in numerous seminars and symposiums in various fields. Margarita is a member of the Association of diabetic nurses in Bulgaria from 20 years. She has worked as senior medical nurse more than 20 years in the Hospital "Sv. Mina" JSC and the University Hospital "Pulmed" LTD. At present she holds the post Nurse in Hospital "Special Medic" Ltd. She is a communicative and responsible person willing to help in need of anyone at any time. Her rich experience help her to communicate with peoples, and allows her to predisposes and calms them in difficult moments under tense. Margarita respond appropriately and cleverly in risky and stressful situations.



Event Bulgaria seeks new talents

If you have hobbies for extreme, alternative or innovative sports. If you have talent for organizing events, communicating with people and promoting goodwill. Event Bulgaria is always looking for new talents to become part of our dynamic and evolving team.
Please contact us or send your CV to our email. We will wait for you!!!