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Archery for kids

Why Archery practice is beneficial to the health and learning of children?

Because it brings great benefits for physical, emotional and psychological health of children.
The Archery is one of the sports with therapeutic properties,
positively increasing the stimulus of care, self-esteem, security and independence they are some of the benefits that brings about discipline.

This sport is also advised by specialists because it favors coordination arms - vision, work back, relaxation and tranquility, enhances control of the position and the ability to concentrate.

On children potency coordination, tranquility, control, which is increased from year to year is one of the most desirable sports so contributes to personal growth and maturity giving physical strength, adapted to every age, and with adequate preparation

Whether it is a sport that helps the child to integrate socially, and participate in a group, motivating him in a dynamic that makes him forget his shyness actively.

It provides certain attitudes, that developed in the sports area, then positively applied in the rest of society. We affirm that sport and sporting competitions develop values and attitudes that shape the spirit and character of every person; and are especially important when applied to young, because these are precisely in transit to adults, as citizens.

- The sports competition stimulates the mind of every athlete living the rule of law, because everyone knows that sports competitions rules must be respected.
- Justice, because everyone accepts that everyone will get what he deserves, according to their sporting activities.
- Equality and non-discrimination, as everyone knows they have the same opportunities at the start of a competition.
- Overcoming, because to win should be better than the other participants.
- Discipline, as necessary to achieve maximum efficiency of self mechanism.
- Respect other competitors, becoming later in friendship and admiration for the winners.
- Allows each archer on every shot, can enjoy again and again, a new experience, that only he or she can feel and enjoy.
- The feeling of listening to your own heart beating rapidly, his muscles tense and breathing is noted in the form of an immense echo
- Entertainment, archery is fun as any other sport, it is essential to ensure its continuity.

Besides not pose any risk to children because it always takes place under the supervision of the relevant instructor and specific materials for children.

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