Survival for Kids

Survival training for kids:

Our love for nature was born at a very early age and it is very important to keep this connection alive. Through our training and games we aim to strengthen children's interest in nature and its preservation, education in empathy and love of animals and the importance of contemporary problems such as pollution of the environment. We transmit the knowledge of our ancestors in the form of games and fun activities. Thus they acquire useful knowledge on how to react or even survive in dangerous situations. The things what they need to avoid, in an unknown world for them. Learn the correct behavior among the other children or peers is important for their social education. They will exchange knowledge, experiences and skills with their peers. Will increase their self-confidence and overcome some of their fears and worries. And most importantly ... they will understand that we must all care for each other and protect wildlife because it is our home, and not our enemy. With this attitude towards our children, at an early age we affect on their personal education and keep our wealth of knowledge and traditions. Our survivor events with children do not carry any risk to them or to any of the participants in the programs. Do not affect the plants and animals in the learning process because it is carried out by and under the supervision and attention of qualified instructors whose greatest passion is children and to teach them knowledge which they will convey through the years.
Survival program for kids:

The complexity of each training depends with age, physical ability and individual preferences of the participants and/or their parents and mentors.

Game 1.- Who will set up the tent fastest.
Find a safe place to take refuge. Where to be able to stay in the middle of nature without being afraid of it.

Game 2.- Preparing a fire.
* Methods to secure the place to make fire before and after igniting it. Caring for the environment. Why water and fire are also needed, but also so dangerous if we are careless with them.

Game 3.- Finding water from a pirate map and transferring it to the base camp as a team game.
Why water and fire are also needed, but also so dangerous if we are careless with them.

Game 4.- Bow shooting
* Safety when handling the bow. Safety in our daily lives. How should we be careful and from what we need to beware.

Game 5.- Training for response in extreme situations.
* Loss. Signalization for loss. Safe movement. Finding a safe place for shelter and waiting for help.
* How to respond to injuries in our daily lives. Easy first aid. Washing and dressing wounds.